Off Road Rescue Unit Cape & The Lions Club of Tokai

food project

May 2021


During May 2021, ORRU Cape assisted the Lions Club with Moving 4 tons of food from Cape Town to hubs in the Swartland. By the end of June 2021, this will increase to a total of 16 tons!

The Lions Club of Tokai have an agreement with GC Rieber Compact, a manufacturer of Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food and Supplementary Food, to distribute donated food to communities in need of hunger relief.

ORRU Cape has put wheels under those meals and taken care of the transportation of the food from the distribution centre in the South Peninsula to hubs in Malmesbury and Moorreesburg.

Members have given their time and have used their personal vehicles without remuneration to assist with this project.

The Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food and Supplementary Food, (RUTF and RUSF) in the form of peanut-based paste products for prevention and treatment of acute, moderate acute, and severe acute malnutrition is not only a treat for those who receive them but are often the only meal they will receive for the day.

ORRU Cape is both proud and privileged to be a part of this project.